Metro Admins Standup to Content Theft!

Here is a copy of the post from the admins at Metropolis Metaversum that IMA wholeheartedly stands behind:


* Deutsche Version weiter unten *

We’ve had multiple issues with copyright violations in various freebie regions in the past. These were finally deleted after a lot of commotion. However, we had the same problem with other objects after a few weeks.

Among other things, the copyright of the creators must be strictly respected in the METRO and rights restrictions must be observed. This applies to knowledge-based infringement of rights as well as gross negligence. We concede to each METRO that a copyright infringement can be amicably and sustainably removed from the world. In this respect, every METRO member has the chance to prove him= or herself and then do everything right the second time around.

However, in the event of subsequent copyright infringement, the METRO admins will exercise their rights and take appropriate action. Just to be clear beforehand the METRO admins are not defenders of the paid objects. Just as the shops which sell objects are not the defenders of the freebie objects. Both have their right to exist!

We are all about legal security in dealing with freebie objects. We will never reach 100%, but we are trying to get close to this absolute number. 😉

Why do we write all of this?

The operator of the region “Adachi” has repeatedly violated our TOS regarding copyright infringement. The METRO admins have now decided to take the Adachi region from the grid, erase the owner’s inventory, and issue a general ban on grid usage (visit, avatar creation, region connection).

Furthermore, the IP address of the simulator should be disabled. This would mean that all other regions that are also hosted via this IP address will also be deleted and blocked.

A total of 9 other regions are hosted via the same IP address. We know that some of these region owners have absolutely nothing to do with copyright infringement. However, we must assume that further damage can be expected from this IP address. Especially against the background that the hoster has enabled the region “Adachi” again.

ATTENTION: If we receive a statement of discontinuance from said hoster (with RL name and RL address) that the region “Adachi” is no longer hosted on its servers and in the future this IP address does not pose a risk of unlawful copyright infringement we will refrain from deleting all regions with the same IP address. This declaration must be submitted to the responsible party of METRO (see Imprint) by 25.11.2017. Otherwise all regions connected to this IP will be deleted.

Why are we doing this now?

Because we have to send a signal! It should be clear to everyone (including the region hosters) what is to come. And that is primarily a new, healthy sense of justice in the VR environment. And for that it needs rules and unfortunately some prohibitions. But that’s not really foreign to us all, is it?

We are convinced that it will work. Also because we will enforce compliance with our TOS by legal means.

You may mean that some metros disagree and will go? Yes, certainly! But there will be others, who we would like to welcome already now! 🙂

Your METRO admins
Lena, Neovo, Sheera, Uncle, Wanda and Zak


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