• Timber Wolfe posted an update 2 years ago

    Configuring my newly purchased refurbished MacPro last night I decided to change a couple of things.

    I also decided to go back to running my OpenSim on a separate machine as I used to instead of on my daily user as I have been the last year. The OpenSim uses mono and mySQL which always has to run, and then the minimal but still a load- of the OpenSim itself running minimized in terminal since it’s a command line application.
    Things run much faster on both machines, now that the OpenSim is the only app running on my old 2008 machine in the back of the shelf, it runs much better, it’s a quad core with 16 gb ram but it could only be updated to El Capitan which was one reason I needed the newer refurbished one which also has 16 gb ram.

    So I had to figure out HOW to run the terminal for OpenSim on the old Mac without having to connect and use a separate monitor and kb for it, I found the Mac has a screen sharing feature I never used, once I was able to get that to work now I have my desktop AND the terminal on that desktop as a window on the new machine and I can restart the Opensim or whatever else is needed by using that screen share, pretty cool!

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