• shawn maloney posted an update 1 year ago

    Ok, where should this list go where all can view and use, anyone? 🙂

    OpenSim G+ Available EVENT Performers
    UPDATED April 7th, 20018


    DJ Darrow
    DJ FANTASIA Welcome
    Dj Gage Dreams
    DJ Gertie Bumptious 2
    Dj Johnny Dreams
    DJ Masweet Bass
    DJ MaSweets SHACK
    DJ Mick
    DJ Phannie SHACK
    DJ PRINCESS Welcome
    Dj Rique
    Dj Rosa Alekseev
    Dj Samantha
    DJ Shayna Wulluf Amusement Park
    Dj Starry
    Dj Tek Bachman
    DJTommy Seetan Bay
    DJ Wes
    Dj Zephner


    DJ CHRIS Welcome
    DJ Mike Desire
    Effinjay Island
    +James Olmos
    +Joao Frazao
    KHIRON DIOR Welcome
    LUCKY CHIUNG Welcome
    MadMax Huet Arts Center
    +Merkabah OH
    MrMikie String Bay
    +Oshi Shikigami
    +Rhia Bachman
    Rosy O Grady
    Singer Girl Island
    The Fabulous Wailers village
    +Torben Asp
    WOSY DIOR Welcome

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