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JOIN US... we at IMA Welcome you! We would love showcase who you are! We want to get to know you!  We want to encourage you to enjoy your virtual life to it's fullest.  One of the most exciting things about joining IMA and becoming part of the community is the opportunity to meet and get to know folks from all around the world.  We want to help you build relationships! We are truly an 'international' community. 

Networking! Another reason to JOIN US is we are are all about connecting with others.  You may find like-minded folks who share your dreams and visions.  Join people you can discuss new and improved ways to enjoy the growing communities revolving around virtual lifestyles. You can help make a difference.  

Once you discover the fun and excitement of exploring virtual worlds and see all that you can do, right from your armchair, you'll never want to leave.

  • Avatar – animated computer character; be what ever you dream. Choose from Human, Fairy, Mermaid, Knight, Alien, Animals (the list is unlimited)
  • Build – your imagination is your only limit. Build a world, a city, a home, objects, a unique landscape then showcase your dreams
  • Community – belong and enjoy. Be dynamic and spontaneous.
  • Virtual World – a user defined world where people interact, play and do business

From Latin communitatem (nominativecommunitas) "community, society, fellowship, friendly, courtesy, affability"


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