Research & Development Teams

IMA provides a place for like-minded individuals to work together to find solutions, improve options and sometimes create something completely new and unique! Below is the process used. Join the IMA family and get involved!

Joining or Starting an IMA Working Group

1. Go to then click view all projects.

◦ Active or completed working groups will have a WG number with a title after it.

◦ Planned or formed working groups will have a WG number but no title after it.

2. Create a new account by clicking sign in (upper right corner) if you don’t have one yet.

3. Once your account is activated via the link in your email, send an email steve at infinitemetaverse dot com with your idea, username, and what group you would like to start or join.

4. Upon receipt of email with details from Steve, if you are forming a new working group as the WG Leader, recruit members if needed then set up the first meeting time and place.

◦ Agenda 1: What will you be doing as a WG? (research question, mission or problem statement)

◦ Agenda 2: Who will do what? (leader, scheduler, timekeeper, manager, secretary, organizer, etc.)

◦ Agenda 3: When and where will you meet? (entry for the IMA calendar and the project calendar)

◦ After or during the first meeting, the WG Leader or project manager should:

▪ Add the group name after the WG number and edit the project description if needed from Agenda 1.

▪ Add public information from Agenda 2 using your chosen method (forum, wiki, document, etc).

▪ Add the meeting schedule from Agenda 3 for the WG.

5. Second meeting (or during the first meeting)

◦ Agenda 1: How long will the project take?

◦ Agenda 2: How will you gather or organize information needed?

◦ Agenda 3: How will you measure your progress along the timeline?

◦ Agenda 4: How will you analyze the data or complete tasks?

◦ After or during this meeting, the WG Leader or project manager should start the project timeline from Agenda 1 and put agreed upon guidelines from Agenda 2, 3, and 4 for the project in a forum, wiki, or document inside the Project Management Site.

6. WG starts the cycle of project work along the timeline set by the WG Leader (revisit earlier steps as needed). This is the point where the work of the group gets done as the group decides what tasks need to be done, when they need to be finished, and who will do each task (the roadmap). The WG Leader or designated manager can then create work packages and assign them to members.
Anytime assistance is needed, the WG Leader should contact the POC.

7. Upon completion of milestones, the WG can publish or present activities and results.

IMA will provide web space or virtual space if needed beyond the news, forum, wiki, document, or repository provided within the Project Management Site.

To see a list of current workgroups, visit

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