On the HyperGrid: IMA Outpost Alpha

Stroll around this 3D replica of the IMA Welcome Cabin and learn how to join us in the Hypergrid.  Click anywhere to begin. Your mic is active, click the third button to mute it.  This 3D immersion experience requires a WebGL compatible viewer and is optimized for Google Chrome. In order to network and talk with others in this experience, you must ALLOW your microphone in your browser preferences (but you can easily mute your mic with the microphone button on the left). Use WASD (E/C) to move.

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This 3D immersion experience requires a WebGL compatible viewer, optimized for Google Chrome. Use the buttons on top left to learn how to move (Hit escape if the web worldz has control of your cursor). The 2nd floor of our replica is still under construction, but come on in anyway!

Additional information about exactly how to enter the hypergrid is coming soon.

Our address is:  hypergrid.org:8002:ima outpost alpha

If that doesn’t give you enough information and you need more help,  join our community and reach out to our members.  We will be happy to walk you through the process.  Once you are ready, we will even meet you in the hypergrid and give you a tour.

Become a community member today!

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