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Happy Monday!

It’s been more than a year now since IMA formed and about 10 months since we went public. Have you been wondering where all the IMA activity is?


It’s happening in web-worldz, it’s happening in cybalounge, it’s happening in nonprofitvirtualworlds, it’s happening in IMA Outpost Alpha meetings, it’s happening in IMA Outpost Beta meetings, it’s happening on the Hypergrid via invitations, it’s happening at different locations during the weekly test hour, it’s happening on Skype, it’s happening in Twitter, and it’s happening in the Infinite Metaverse Alliance G+ Community. Just about everything we do is noted in the G+ community where you can find community promotions, showcases, tips & tricks, post or respond to help needed, share information about your projects, or engage in discussions. These activities happen in our weekly meetings noted on the IMA Events Calendar too!


We are just getting started with new ideas ready for action in 2018 to help advance the virtual technology we all love. Come join us!


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