Friendica implementation and updates.

As a long overdue update to this, we are working on replacing the social network G+ which is sunsetting next summer, with the Friendica federated social platform.
We are at present testing a node of Friendica and configuring it, it has great potential and a suite of various functions that surpass the G+ platform. It can be integrated and customized in many ways;


  • Decentralized architecture with no central authority or ownership.
  • Relationships can be made across any compatible system, creating a network of Internet scale made up of smaller sites.
  • Seamless wall-to-wall posts and remote comments, even across different network nodes.


  • Access lists for every item.
  • Private conversation groups — on these pages all communications are restricted to group members.
  • One-to-one private messaging on supported protocols.
  • Optionally “expire” old content after a certain period of time.
  • Download your personal data. It all belongs to you.


  • Built-in support for StatusNet, GNU social, Quitter, and diaspora*.
  • Support for email contacts and communications (two-way) via IMAP4rev1/ESMTP.
  • Import arbitrary websites and blogs into your social stream via RSS/Atom feeds.
  • Support for other services via plugins.

We are starting to be at

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