About Us

At Infinite Metaverse Alliance (IMA) Community we are very passionate about Virtual Worlds accessed in the OpenSim platform. Virtual Worlds are internet virtual space environments with thousands of uses. Education, Socializing, Medicinal, Meditation, Mental Health, Business, Gaming, Entertainment, and Building are just a few examples where within Virtual Worlds we triumph.

The IMA Community encompasses 'IMAgination' and 'planning' together to enhance Virtual Worlds for all users. Virtual Worlds gives one the freedom to do many things that one may not be able to do in real life environments. The IMA Community is for those who have a desire to help enhance the experience of using Virtual Worlds for everyone. The IMA Community is for meeting and making new friendships with others throughout our vast Universe. We connect 'soul to soul' and often form life-long friendships inside these Virtual Worlds.

The IMA Community feels OpenSim will evolve into something very special that can help millions of people, companies, and learning places. We would love to have you join us and help make a difference in many lives.

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