Infinite Metaverse Alliance - Virtual Worlds United

Virtual reality and virtual worlds has something for everyone! Would you like to live in a mansion? Dance with friends across the globe? Race jet skis, tanks or airplanes? Create amazing builds with animation and complicated scripts? Share your creativity? The opportunities are literally and virtually endless. Using a realistic avatar (or some other creation you choose), you can EASILY join the fun.

This site represents the Community Branch of Infinite Metaverse Alliance, a company organized to bring unity to all things virtual. Whether you just want to have fun and find fellowship or whether you are a software & hardware developer, engineer, programmer, educator, gamer, coder, manufacturer, financial entrepreneur, looking for a place to practice your craft -- our big happy community at IMA welcomes you with open arms.

There are MANY ways you can join the fun:

Social Network
On the HyperGrid

R&DĀ Groups

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